About steel houkee

Houkee Aluminum Door Factory is a unit of TST-TECNO Co., Ltd. has a factory located in Hoa Lac Hi-Tech Park, Hanoi.

The predecessor of the company involved in manufacturing products, precision mechanics, production of special-purpose car boxes, production of insulation panels, ventilation ducts, cold storage, clean room doors, specialized doors for rooms. medical surgery…

After a period of assessing the weather characteristics in Vietnam, the engineers of Hanoi University of Science and Technology working at TST analyzed, tested, adjusted and launched the wood-grained aluminum door product. be all weather. HouKee products both promote the use of modern life and meet the traditional aesthetic.

Board of manager

(Deciding on strategies, long-term vision orientation for the Company)


Organize and build distribution systems, sales channels, marketing campaigns, market access, customer care…


Researching the product cycle, operating production, improving models, improving quality, increasing labor productivity…

cua thong phong


Including groups: Accounting team
Transport team – Life team
Synthetic team

Four-leaf aluminum door

Double-leaf aluminum door

One-way door

Single-panel aluminum windows

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